Paris on a Budget – Paris Travel Guide

Although normally associated with visions of grandeur and high society, at times of tightly stretched credit cards a trip to Paris does not have to cost the earth. Accommodation Paris is often the largest stumbling block and choosing an economic yet comfortable option can be really tricky. Paris apartments not only give you the opportunity to 'live like a Parisian' but also often work out much more economically than a hotel or guest house.

Sights and attractions on a shoestring: For a spectacular view of the city climb up the stairs of the northern tower of Notre Dame cathedral, ogle at the lurid yet strangely appealing gargoyles then take in the spectacular Parisian vista from above. What's more the cathedral is one of the few major attractions of the city which is free to enter. Les Tuileries is Catherine de Medici's magnificent park and most centrally located green space in Paris. This expansive collection of formal gardens, sweeping paths and even one or two galleries connects the Louvre with Place de la Concorde, bordering the Seine. There are various sculptures located sporadically around the gardens and L'Orangerie museum, housing works by Cézanne, Matisse, Renoir, is well worth a visit especially if you are sufficient enough to time your visit with the first Sunday of the month when entry is free .

Eating out every day in Paris can be an expensive affair but a baguette in the park can be equally enjoyable on a fine sunny day. Why not pick up a sublime poulet baguette from the Brioche Dorée boulangerie chain, found all over the city, and take it to the Jardin du Luxembourg (Le Luco). This "people's park" is frequented by great numbers of students, families and boules-playing retired locales alike, and provides a delightful lunchtime spectacle. Paris' largest park is also the ideal place for children with an enclosed play area, marionette shows and other attractions to keep them out of trouble.

On a Sunday morning, there is no better pleasure than a meander down the Rue du Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement to the home of Paris' most famous pedestrian street and street market. Indulge your senses in the divine flavors and appetizing of stall after stall of cheeses, meat and fresh fruit and vegetables. I challenge you to resist! Depending on the time of the day, this is a great district to treat yourself to a very reasonably priced brunch or lunch in a range of bistros and restaurants from all corners of the globe. Just take your pick!

To save on transport costs, if you are staying in Paris for a week or more it is worth investing in a Carte Orange, a photographic metro pass which allows you unlimited access to city transport for around 16 euros forones one and two, depending on the location of your Paris apartments. Alternately one day tickets work out economically if you intend to use the transport system frequently.

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India Tour Packages – Value for Money and Time

Tired of office routine that seems to have become a vicious circle of your life? You need a break from the monotony to unwind the stress of routine life. India is an ideal place to spend some quality time with your family or friends. After all it is your life, you will not like to lose its vivacity in the hectic schedule which not only takes its toll on your health but also eating away your relationships.

India has been the dream land for centuries. It has still the charm to lure hundreds of thousands of indophiles to explore the magic that India has. Thanks to India Tour Packages, this magic is all the more intensive, all the more fulfilling and fulfilling.

India is a vast country offering myriad of tourist options. Whether you are seeking a location for making nature getaway or medical tourism, India offer it all. The best thing about India Tour Packages is that they are all inclusive. Based on the type of tour package you opt, the facilities, food, sightseeing and taxes are all inclusive in the cost of the package, unless stated otherwise. This enables the Indian tours to offer the best value for money and time.

A range of India Tour Packages are available for a discerning Indian visitor. Golden Triangle Tour, Kashmir and Ladakh Tour, Taj Mahal Tour, Rajasthan Tour, Medical India Tour and many more tour packages are centered on North India. You can explore 5000 years of Indian history in the making. While on South Indian Tours, there are packages like Beach Tours, Kerala Backwater Tour, Karnataka Tour, South India Eco Tour, South India Wildlife Tour, South India Ayurveda Tour, Nature Tour of South India, to name a few.

An interesting and sometimes the best way to explore India is through its luxury trains the packages of which are so designed that covers everything prominent coming along their itinerary. Palace on Wheels covers royal cities of Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Bharatpur and Agra. Ranked among top 10 luxury trains of world, Palace on Wheels offers decadent luxuries. Other luxury trains are the Fairy Queen, the Royal Orient, Deccan Odyssey and the Golden Chariot.

The Backwater Tour Package of Kerala is a gem of India Tours. Kerala has a large network of lagoons and lakes lying parallel to Malabar coast. This network includes 1500 km worth of canals linked with each other and fed by 38 rivers. Living in a houseboat set adrift on these backwaters is a unique experience in its own right which draws thousands of tourists to Kerala.

Many tours and travels agencies offer tailor made India Tour Packages. Check with your travel agent if you can personalize your tour package. You can choose from a range of tour packages or even combine or curtail them to fit to your preference and purse.

The awesome beaches, mesmerizing mountains, enchanting country life and buzzing metros, all are inviting you to India. Explore this country which is a treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom and experience. Discover the land, where gods once lived. Know the world that was once abode of majestic kings, their royal rajas and gallant warriors. Relive the experience by visiting India.

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Visit the Canary Islands for a Spectacular Holiday Like No Other

Those who plan Tenerife all-inclusive holidays tend to get more than they bargained for. As a popular tourist destination and the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain, Tenerife has much to offer. Sands vary from yellow to black, and it is home to a large active volcano, Mt. Teide.

There are plenty of upscale resorts and a huge carnival put on pre-Lent that draws thousands to this desirable locale every year. Interested in what fun can be had in Tenerife? Read on and learn what an all-inclusive holiday in this beautiful location can offer to even the pickiest traveler of any age.

Beach Time

The perfect climate year round makes Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain ideal for spending days at the beach. One popular beach is Playa de las Teresitas. Here visitors can swim with tropical fish, and bask in the sun on the pristine, white sand beach that features desert sand. It's nearby Santa Cruz but very secluded, which means visitors can go into town if they choose. It features warm waters in which to swim.

This is just one of many beaches that can be visited on Tenerife all-inclusive holidays. Many feature watersports such as snorkeling and parasailing among others. Playa de Benijo is also a popular beach where visitors brag of phenomenal views and a perfect sunset. It's certainly worth the trip if staying on the opposite side of the island.

Siam Park

This Thai themed waterpark is one of the hot spots in Tenerife. It's even home to a white sand beach much to the surprise of unsuspecting visitors. This is in addition to many thrilling water attractions.

There's a long, lazy river where visitors can grab a raft and float lazily. A very steep and exciting waterslide is one of many that offers excitement, and a children's water play area where they can safely have some fun. These are just a few attractions in the park for those who want to add it to Tenerife all-inclusive holidays.

Submarine Safaris

There are no lions and elephants on this safari, because it's deep in the ocean below the waves that crash on the shore of Tenerife. This is the perfect addition to a Tenerife all-inclusive holiday as it's a bit different than other activities.

Colorful marine life waits for visitors who would only be able to see them via diving otherwise. Venture down on this submarine cruise that leaves from San Miguel Marina and discover a whole new world. Then go back to the resort and enjoy a meal after an adventurous excursion.

Monkey Park

Get up close and personal and feed monkeys and lemurs in the Monkey Park. Visitors get specially prepared food and should arrive as early as possible to see the monkeys in their most hyper state.

This gem of an attraction is located near the southern resorts on a Tererife all-inclusive holiday. Exotic birds and reptiles are also featured, and one can easily spend a good few hours here exploring. It's a good morning stop after breakfast and then the group can head back to the resort for lunch and relaxation.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Anyone who loves the water will enjoy hopping aboard a boat and heading out to locals where dolphin pods and whales hang out. Over 20 types of species pass through the area including bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales.

No Tenerife all-inclusive holidays are complete without seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Most boat cruises come highly rated with a friendly staff who are happy to answer all questions. Kids will thrill at seeing the animals up close.

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Vacation Themes Over Destinations – Start With Colorado

As the price of gas, hotels and eating out has increased, many people have been rethinking their vacations as staycations. Now instead of spending time at one spot for a week, it can be equally fun to complete a list or loop of destinations that are close enough to drive to, but may not require a week's worth of your hard-earned vacation time. Colorado is a perfect place to go to fulfill some of these theme-oriented destinations.

When it comes to the Mile High state, most people think mountains. In the lower forty-eight states, Colorado ranks number one in peaks with an elevation above 14,000 feet. If you are an avid outdoor type, then consider a vacation that includes climbing all the Fourteeners. With over fifty of them in the state that should keep you pretty busy for a while, unless you get the whole summer to play.

If you are looking for a less ambitious pursuit of fun, hiking may be just up your alley. And because of the mountains, one theme may be to hike to all the waterfalls in Colorado. Hikes can range from a quarter mile from the near road to an overnight camping trip. You can gauge your trips based on the size and dynamics of your group.

One thing that is great about Colorado is its accessibility to nature and its beauty. The state has made it easy for you to plan your vacation via its twenty-five scenic byways, about half of which are also designed as America's Byways, more than any other state. So load up the family and take a drive. Some routes are located along highways, while others require four-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicles. So, it might just take you several years to complete the task. Who said vacations and bucket lists were supposed to be easy?

While cruising these scenic drives, you could try to complete another theme idea by visiting all the state parks along the way. Camping is cheaper than hotels, and you'll find many of the state parks are located to help you appreciate all that Colorado has to offer. Also, along the byway, you might want to visit all the ghost towns in Colorado. There are quite a few and, contrary to some people's definition, some still have a few residents.

Nature lovers can often be subdivided into wildlife lovers, wildflower lovers or bone and stone lovers. For the latter, fossils, petrified wood, dinosaur bones, ancient civilizations, caves and quarries are scattered through Colorado. You can name your bucket list Places of Geologic Interest. There are many, but it may require a little digging. (Pun intended.)

For those of you, who may like to spend a week on a beach, there are relaxing past times to have had in this health-oriented state. One of the most popular is visiting all the brewpubs and partaking of some homegrown and flavorful brews. The true enthusiast will arrange it so that they are in Denver in time for the annual Great American Beer Festival (usually October). If the tickets sell out, as they do almost immediately, that just gives you an excuse to go visit all the breweries first hand.

So next time you are thinking of a destination, but want to do something a little different, think Colorado. Whether you are a dynamo and have to climb a mountain because it is there or whether you'd like to sit back and taste what is on tap, this is one state that can keep you climbing and imbibing for years to come.

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Lanzarote Travel and Tourism Guide – The British Holiday Island

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa, this Spanish speaking island (part of the Canary string) is a popular destination for Europeans and other world travelers alike, and is the primary topic for our Travel Guide to Lanzarote. The island's main source of income is tourism with most visitors flying in from the UK and Ireland. Considering that Lanzarote is a Spanish speaking island it is no wander that restaurants mostly carry menu in Spanish, with some English translations being made available.

Due to the heavy influx of visitors from the United Kingdom, Lanzarote's main international route is understandably, London with other flights to the Spanish mainland and sister Canary islands. Airlines that can be accessed to this Mediterranean island are Spanair, Easyjet and Jetair, to name a few and they all fly in to Lanzarote's only International airport.

While the bus and taxi service are reasonably priced, they are not advised transport sources for tourists primarily because they do not regularly frequent tourist locations. Your best bet while on the island would be a rental car which can be borrowed from reputable local companies, sometimes AutoReisen, ORCAR and a few others. Check with your travel agent for information as to companies that deal fairly with visitors to the island. The Euro and the pound are the preferred form of currency, however, credit cards are also widely accepted.

If you are a drinker, alcohol is easily available and reasonably priced in supermarkets, however, may be slightly higher priced while in a bar. Water on the island is recycled from the ocean and is therefore not advisable to drink, while bottle water is reasonably priced and widely available. The island's capital, Arrecife is where you will find over fifty percent of Lanzarote's citizens and shopping, surprisingly modern for an island in the Mediterranean.

Lanzarote is second only to Tenerife in popularity, but as time goes by, with its volcanic history, (dormant since the seventeen hundreds), ideal location, beautiful beaches, fun filled activities, metropolitan city, low crime rate, low population, low pollution , friendly natives, beautiful scenery, easy access, it is rapidly becoming number one.

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